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Big Savings by Training in Sims!
• Only $60 per Hour for Dual
• Log up to 20 Hours dual
• Stay Current by Using a Sim

Save money and get the best instrument training with our PFC
Cirrus II Pro and ATC-610K simulators. Modern sim training,
when combined with in-aircraft training, is superior to aircraft only
training in many ways. We can fail any instrument or system, fly
with our choice of wx, and fly in any location at any time of day.
We can fly an instrument final approach and reset the sim to
immediately fly another final approach with out having to go
around the radar pattern again. This saves a lot of money and
time. The sim is only $60 per hour dual, verses $135 dual for the
C172, and you get much more training per hour.
We are approved to log 20 hours in the sim toward the
instrument rating which saves you about $2000 and provides
better training.

If you are already instrument rated you can maintain instrument
currency indefinately in the sim. Just fly your 6 approaches, etc.
every six monthes or less. We recommend that if you are not
regularly flying IFR that you do a sim session every 2 or 3 months
to stay sharp and legal.

If you have gone non-current, we can do an IPC in the sim
except for circling approaches which will have to be done in the
airplane. Then once you are current you can maintain currency in
the sim.

Please call 916-203-3616 to discuss your requirements.

Call 916-203-3616

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