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Instrument Rating

Why Pay More Than You Need to!
• Instrument Rating for as little as $3,000
• Cessna 172 rental for $95 per hour wet
• Instructor for $45 per hour

The minimum for an instrument rating is 40 hours of training
and or practice. Most pilots have logged at least a couple of
hours of hood time. We can log 20 hours in the sims and the rest
must be in aircraft. If you have logged more hours of instrument
practice with a safety pilot or instructor, they will reduce the
minimum hours required in the aircraft.

For example if you have logged 10 hours of hood or actual
instrument practice, you only need 20 hours in the sims at a cost
of $1200 and 10 more in the plane at $1350 for a total of
$2550. Add some ground instruction time and you are still well
under $3,000. Because of the increased efficiency of simulator
training, it is quite reasonable to expect to be ready for your
checkride at 40 hours of training.

Please call 916-203-3616 to discuss your requirements.

Call 916-203-3616

Map of training area

Simulator For Instrument Rating
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