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Commercial Flight Training

Experienced CFI + Cost Savings= A Great Deal!
• Cessna 172 rental for $95 per hour wet
• Instructor for $45 per hour

Train toward your commercial license in accordance with FAR
part 61, in a well equipped Cessna 172 and our IFR simulators.
Log up to 50 hours of instrument time toward your commercial
requirements in the sims for only $60 per hour and get excellent
instrument training/experience at the same time. Fly any
approach under any conditions you like. Fly a variety of aircraft -
singles and twins; learn HSI and GPS usage.

If you are going to apply for a regional airline, etc. and would
like to practice a profile, we can get you very familiar with the IFR
environment in that area.

Please call 916-203-3616 to discuss your requirements.

Call 916-203-3616

Map of training area

Commercial Simulator Training
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