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Save Big by Training With us:
• Instrument Rating for as little as $3,000
• Private Pilot Certificate As Little as $5150
• Cessna 172 rental for $95 per hour wet
• Instructor for $45 per hour

We offer the best, most efficient training, customized to you, your schedule and goals, and the way you learn. If you begin training, it will count toward your private license.

• Serving the Sacramento Area
• Introductory & Scenic Flights Available
• Private, Instrument, Commercial Certificates
• Flight Instructor and ATP Certificates
• Class B Checkout For San Francisco Bay Area.
• Mountain Checkout for High Density Altitude & Aircraft Performance.

Instructor Bio: Dan Stanzione was originally trained by the US Air Force. After leaving the Air Force Mr. Stonzione logged over 10,000 flying commercial jets. Additionally he has over logged over 3000 hours flying light aircraft like the Cessna Skyhawk 172.

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Map of training area

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Home base is located at Rio Linda Airport. The excerpt from the San Francisco sectional shows the primary training area and airport that are used in training. Typically you will depart from Rio Linda and fly south west to just south of Davis for basic flight training maneuvers. If you are working on your private pilots license, then you will first solo at Yolo County Airport, then Davis Airport and finally Rio Linda Airport. On occasion McCellan Airport will be used for take off and landing practice.